The Screen I’mWatching All Day.

Farah Zain
3 min readOct 24, 2020
Too much Screen Time Affects kids.


Today the use of screens(Laptops/Mobile/Lcd) is increasing day by day. Badly impacts on baby’s, toddlers, young ones, and also affecting me. This stuff we adopted in the name of success, we transfer it to our kids, and it is all technology and apps that increase the addiction of screens to everyone.
Technology is taking space everywhere. More companies are manufacturing mobiles, laptops, pads, and many more.
In today’s era, mobile usage is increasing everywhere, also taking full grab on kids.

Negative Impacts Especially On Kids.

The use of Mobiles/pads/tablets is usable has benefits, but it also has impacts and a very negative impact on young ones, especially on kids. Kids cannot spend their time without a screen. All-time they are on watching videos, movies, and much more.
It is Increasing day by day and has a crucial impact on kids, especially toddlers, pre-aged kids who are school-going. We must fix the time for kids to watch mobiles/tablets/pads and television, usage of screens leads to misuse of mobile, waste of time, creating criminal activity in teenagers, affects their study. It impacts their cognitive development and social development.

Depression And Anxiety In Youngers.

It produces anxiety and depression in teenagers. Effecting most 3 to 5 Years kids parents allow them mobile because they are too busy, tired want to distract their children, their usage arises, and get addicted.

Games, Music videos, and creating animations involve children to watch more and more. Make a specific time for your kids for screen watching, don’t let them watch them for more than 3 hours as it affects their cognitive and social development.

“A Study by the National Institutes of Health in the US suggests that mobile phones could affect the brain.”

· They reported that after using mobile phones, higher sugar use in the brain, a sign of increased activity, after 50 minutes on the phone.

The Largest study by BBC NEWS: that 420,000 mobile users are in Denmark and increasing every day.

· Professor Malcolm Sperrin, director of Medical Physics and Clinical Engineering at Royal Berkshire Hospital, said: “This paper is quite engaging, in that it reports an increase in brain metabolism as a result of the use of mobile phones.


Your Kids are Probably online If they are awake: By (Tamar Lewin In NewYork Times)

“Those ages 8 to 18 spend more than seven and a half hours a day with such devices, compared with less than a six and a half hours five years ago” view at, while children over 2Years of age. “The current American Academy of Pediatrics(AAP) guidelines recommend that children under 2Years of age should not spend any time using electronic media, but they should restrict to less than 2 hours, and 1 hour for children who are between 2 to 5 years. Screen Viewing negatively affects the kids their locomotive skills, physical strength, and their dietary habits. It also negatively affects the cognitive and socio-economical development of children.
The Excessive use of screen time produces poor mental health during adolescence. For its adverse effects, it badly affects physical activity in children.


The conclusion is that besides the benefits of its effect ratio is more especially for kids who are between 2Years to 18Years. They learn to animate and create things but spending more time is affecting their cognitive and socio-economical development. Everything is Good in balance, and conditions also remain fine. But the usage of above that, every excess thing flows out.



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